Thursday, November 22, 2007

3D Whale!

i can't wait for this to come out!!!

is coming out on February 2008,dunno what's the exact date yet

IMAGINE. . . IMAX summore!!

3D swimming whales and dolphins and killer whales!! everything that i love is going to be in Malaysia (3D form)!!!

I'm so touched that whoever the director is created this documentary . . . T.T (*thank you producer!)

I'm so happy and excited and looking forward to watching this whale's/cetacean production^^

hehe maybe i can experience diving with the whales through the 3D screen after all!
(nah! ><)

i can't wait to watch it!
You guys should watch too!

you guys interested in watching together??? (it'll be great!!!)
Ring me whenever you want k? ^^ hehe
Cos I'm definitely watching!!
I'm sooooo 100% NOT going to miss it!!

- To the Whale!!! -

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Eye on Malaysia! - 16th - Nov - 2006

Behold. . .

The one and only ferries wheel in Malaysia . . .

The Eye on Malaysia !!!!

It has been one year since Luke and I get together since 15 November 2006,

We wanted to do something different (apart from the usual shopping and eating dinners),

so why don't we visit/check out something 'new' in Malaysia that has yet to be discovered(by us) ?

so we decided to visit the one and only Malaysia's ferries wheel~

Honestly the whole time (before visiting Eye on Malaysia)
I thought it is called 'Eye of Malaysia". . .
Guess i was wrong ><)
Wouldn't it make much more sense if is called the 'Eye of Malaysia' ???
because it looks just like the eye-of-Malaysia~ Am i not right???

Anyway. . . there isn't really much to do in the gondola besides taking pictures. I think the view is much better from the outside of the ferries wheel, than from the inside of the ferries wheel. (Because the ferries wheel is soooooo pretty!^^)
This picture taken from the outside of the ferries wheel~
(I feel so proud cos i think I took this picture at a pretty nice angle^^
hehe as you guys can see, there's twin tower, Eye on Malaysia and the Istana budaya building all in the same shot! kekeke
I was running all over the place trying to get a nice angle/shot actually.)

This is a picture taken from the inside of the ferries wheel~ (not bad eh =P)

The ride is about 25 mins (plus, minus) and you sit for like . . .
5 rounds??? =D
and . . .
you're sharing the gondola with 6 other unknown people -.-" (Swt)
Maximum seaters is 8 people.
The alternative for privacy is to book the whole gondola (total 8ppl) for RM100. its worth it and cheaper,
but too bad it was only 2 of us~
so yea we shared the gondola with 2 other couple hehe =@@= GG (total 6 of us in the gondola)

The thing behind me is the gondola we sat in, kinda small right?
imagine. . . 6 people in the gondola, already kinda cramp,
IF all 8 people is in there, i don't think there's space to adjust you're leg >< hehe

There's nothing much to do inside the gondola (for 5 rounds ><)
looking at the scenery of Malaysia which is nothing much actually. . .

so what we do to keep ourselves entertained in the ride? (not forgetting the 2 other stranger couple in the same gondola as us)

WE. . . Shiok Sendiri taking picture of ourselves! . . . ><|| (aka camwhore) it was dark in the gondola (lights off)
So we took pic with flash on, think kinda distracted the 2 couple =P wahahaha

It was kinda uncomfortable being in the same gondola with the 2 other couple.
i can hear them talking so softly/whispering >< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
On the other hand, Luke and I were like talking so loudly and non-stop! =D
hehehe we had fun =)

The ferries wheel is very nice, and is very cocourful too!
Got red~
Got purple~
Got Yellow~
Got Blue~
and Got Green~

*I didn't realise it was so colourful till i browse my camera =D

It was a great experience!
Despite all, i had a great time that night!
I was so happy!! i didn't mind those small 'lil stuff (the sharing, the smell, the view)~
maybe cos to me, it was a special day, to spend time together and celebrate our 1 year anniversary~ (feel so 'hung fook" *Cantonese) this might sound cheesy to you guys k, but i wanna blog it anyway! =P

well, per adult's entry is RM 15, since this is not gonna stay in M'sia any longer i guess is worth visiting it?
After watching Honey and Clover and visiting Eye on M'sia,
Now I'm dreaming to go for the bigger and better one in London^^
i hear you can walk around in the gondola! now that's the space I'm talking about! hehehe

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The night of the L'Oreal Competition - 26th nov 2007

ok, so this doesn't really consider much of an update since this event held 1 week ago. But i can't be blame for that because my exam was 1 week right after that, i had no time to blog... =(
And i just recently got the pictures transfered to my computer^^

Ok so i didn't win the grand prize (RM 10,000 gone! Sob Sob) but guess what?!
Hehe i won the most online Vote! hehe pretty impressive eh =]
And it is all thanks to my great supporters out there non stop spamming e-mail addresses in the voting website! You guys are the greatest!

I won a bag of L'Oreal products. This is gonna last me a year!
Guess what, i went to pharmacy and checked on the price, gosh they are expensive! The bag of L'Oreal product i get worth few hundred bucks! If only it was cash T.T

It comforts me to know that i have so many friends supporting me all the way. To those that were at the competition, those that were not at the competition, those that are far away from home, and those that did try to come but could not make it in the end, i sincerely thank you for your moral support!
To me, your support and cheer is more than enough to cheer me up even if i didn't win =D

just realise that how much friends i have and constantly rooting for me this whole time! i am so grateful to have you guys!!! ( Big hugs to everyone!)

And we Prepared the Cards by ourselves =D (Me and luke ><)


Mom's gang of friends!

MY college Friends and friends, where is casey and Ian and Justin?? (Forgotten to take pic with them =.=)

Luke's mom (Aunty Vicky) and Luke and me and mom

Oh yea... did i mention i was in the top five?! (Mommy was too excited till forgotten to take pic)
hehe out of 12 contestant i think is quit an achievements already =P
Although it was really very scary and nervous to speak in front of so many people, i think it was also a great experience to be in the competition.
i meet new friends, gain presenting experience, and last of all i learn that i do stand a chance to win the competition.

Previously i was really down and that i do not stand a chance cause of all the great speaker and their creative ideas, but when i saw myself in the recorded video of my presentation in my mom's camera, i realise how spontaneous i was.

I wore scuba suit and brought the tank to my presentation too, once again forgotten to take a picture of me in full, (Suit + tank + make up) what a waste... cause the tank is so darn heavy! (its even heavier than me + is an empty tank!)
At least a picture of remembrance (of me dragging the tank) will do... =.=
After my presentation i had back ache >< (i need a back massage @@)

The projector failed when is my turn of the presentation and i had to continue without it! Usually this is the time when i start to get panic and nervous! But instead i continued and manage to cover it up quite well! (kekeke =P) So i did finish my presentation, but some of my points were left out and jumbled up a lil' cause of the blank projector... in the end, i didn't end it smoothly, it was an abrupt ending, so i guess i loose point on that part >< (sigh)
However, it was a great experience and self realisation too! ^^

Now i dare to say that i have confidence in myself in whatever i do, whether i am capable or not, i should always put my best effort into it!
This is cause previously i do things very slumber-ly... (Bad habit).
Procrastinate and all...

Kinda feel like a new person, not exactly very new or different la, but i guess the 'new' i am feeling is the cast away of my bad habits.
That kind of new feeling =)

Friday, October 12, 2007

My First Blogging!

Stress! Stress! Stress!
What more i can say about how i am feeling now but stress!
Last 2 Assignments due only to determine my final grade for this semester out of 100%, JRN and FTV, no exams, no extension, Just last piece of assignment...
i thought i was suppose to be happy about it, well i did, but now it start to seem like a nightmare...

everything i will be writing in my assignment will be handed in and marked as my final grade, a difference whether I'll pass, get a credit , a distinction, or maybe even fail...(nah just kidding) is not that bad.
But the stress is there...

oh yea, and not to mention that i have to prepare for the finals the competition i recently joined
- L'Oreal "Cash your dream"- Oh btw, i need your support, at
hehe it is about presenting our dream- bring our dream to live this finals on the 26th of October at Zouk KL, entries are FREE and everyone is welcome to come on that day =) -
and my dream is to swim with the whales^^

yeap, the Humpback whales~ (this is a sketch) Beautiful yea!? =]

heh, but there are other 11 different finalists dreams too.
oh and i got 2 free ticket to watch Resident Evil at GSC 1Utama! hehe

and is sponsored by L'Oreal i think ><>There were 2 games, one is couple paper standing, and another is L'Oreal product memorising game!

The first game was hilarious! few couples of a guy and a girl is brought to stage and required to stand in the piece of paper, and each round they pass, they have to fold the paper half. so at the end the guy had to tip-toe on a piece of 15 x 10 cm paper piggy-back-ing the girl! it was really impressive that the guys toe can withstand all those weight! hehe Too bad i was so excited about the game and couldn't stop laughing till i forgotten to take pictures... =(

The second game was memorizing L'Oreal products! 12 in total i think. It was tough! they switch the slide of image along with the super long product name so quickly and yet most of the contestant still could remember their names, omg ><
-eg. "L'Oreal ... Foundation"

The full name for this product name i was suppose to answer is
"L'Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation"

And there's 11 more to go, GG ><>< hehe

But now I'm determine to find out all the 12 product's images and their super long names!
Watch out L'Oreal! Here i come!!

-To be continue...